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Kaged Mini’s | Gutsy Goblins | Their Wear

Kaged Miniatures

This client paints miniatures, does 3D printing, and is a DM for hire. Upon discussing their interests, we decided on a Kraken-themed character to represent the brand. The silhouette was born of a keyhole, playing off of the kaged/caged implications of the name. Flaming paintbrushes evoke a Jolly Roger, and the kraken character wears an eyepatch and tricorn hat emphasizing a piratey, fantastical theme. Beyond the logo, I designed business cards, social media banners, and a t-shirt design. Each one takes elements from the logo, like the tentacles and paint brushes with a hint of fantasy and magic.

Gutsy Goblins

Gutsy Goblins was a Twitch channel hosting live-play D&D games. I designed the logo and did many supplemental images like Twitch overlays, social media icons, and banners, and each player got a custom character portrait. The logo itself is the goblin, looking cheeky and appraising his loot. His attitude invokes the more comedic element of the live play, and the gems he is happy to have plundered are also D&D dice, emphasizing the Dungeons and Dragons element.

Their Wear

Their Wear is a queer, print-on-demand clothing line. We worked together to design the logo to be bold and colourful, and to have a lot of utility to be used on social media as well as clothing and other merchandise. The pride flag within the text treatment is able to be swapped out for any other pride flags, so that applicability and flexibility is at the forefront of the design.

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